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auriel arts

How come I have never heard of you before? -You seem to come out of nowhere.

You would not be wrong, and in a way, I did: I have been in hermit (solitude) and fool (learning through trial and error) modes for most of my life, but much has happened behind the scenes, especially art, writing, and healing: In a way, this stepping out is the start of a new life- one I have been cultivating for decades.  


How did you get into gallery shows, and is it worth it these days?

For one, nothing happens in a vacuum: It was a blend of years of creating and connecting with other artists by letting my work speak for itself via social media portfolio profiles from 2017- present.   In late 2022, I met Nathan Cartwright (curator, artist, and gallery owner of The Hive in Los Angeles, CA), who saw my portfolio and invited me to participate in the tarot group show the following month- After a year, I had proved that my art and I were a good fit; I was given more opportunities in the form of features and became a small (but potent) creative force within The Hive's eclectic community- A position that I am grateful for daily and was a true example of co-creation.

Taking money from the equation, creative expression, validation, and connecting with like-minded and inspirational minds have been well worth the effort. 


Where did you study?

I had my share of sporadic and rudimentary art classes, although I had no formal training- I was, however, lined up with a small handful of creatives (from teachers to lovers) who were generous enough to share with me some knowledge, encouragement, and understanding of not only the nature of my art but the process in which I needed that deviated from the structures of formal educational institutions.

 In other words,  I worked my ass off- and through the kindness of others, was given opportunities that challenged me to become a better artist, communicator, and person. 


What materials do you use?

Mixed media is an old umbrella term that has been embraced more over the years- I believe this is a direct correlation to creatives starting to step fully into our authenticity: We tend to be multi-faceted and experimental as much as we can be disciplined and experienced in our craft. 

The materials I use are an amalgamation of different interests and mediums (each with its own defined chapter in my life) for my Mastery comes from knowing the limitless potential I had through combining skills that each had limits to me.  For example: I was not cut out to be a normal designer, but I could use what I learned to design very specific gowns.  This led to years of being a Victorian reenactor and ballroom dancer, and now costuming is an integral part of my sculptural work. 

My go-to's are Sculpey, fabric, nature elements, gemstones, acrylics, and Adobe Suite.

I don't get what you do, can you explain it?

You get what you project: Art's created to be seen through the filter of the viewer's eyes, as well as the intention of the artist; whether they align or differ matters not- it is still a conversation, and it is still an energetic exchange of feeling and curiosity.

Anyone can stick to the shallows or go to the depths, for both polarities exist in my work in an integrated form. 


How do you know what you do?

I have years of experiential wisdom, Esoteric study, and a well-developed (and hard-won) intuitive center that intertwines and plays with purpose.

Some call it a Spiritual Awakening or Re-awakening- others would call it an Ego Death, and then some would make up several pleasant and not-so-pleasant terms.  Basically, I have seen some shit, man!  I chose to make that shit fertilizer for a new perspective, and a new life.

Unfortunately, semantics and projection are commonplace in work (and an alternative life path) such as mine, but at the end of the day, I am slowly becoming who I was born to be, and there is still more left to unfold (more shit for this shit-flower to grow through), but I am at peace in the becoming.

So what do you believe in?

Well, I am down with the Woo-Woo: ask me about anchoring light-codes into the Earth's grid anytime! *chuckles* but at some point, there will be a divide between dogma and semantics depending on the context, but to ground this, I will only say that I believe in the cycles of creation: the power to expand, learn, grow, heal, take inspired action (The Great Work), intuit with our inner child and the ancient wisdom of our lineage, and take it back to Source to be integrated, purged, and reformed. 


I have never been a good vs. evil believer, but do my best to intentionally live by a version of The Golden Rule: Do no harm, and take no shit! I see the light bridge in every shadow (every root trauma) and every shadow disguised in false light.  Much is not what it seems, but you will indeed know a man by his deeds.  

I believe everyone has something to offer and contribute: Be it a lesson or a gift-most often, I find both present.  Everyone is Divine and playing out roles of Master and student until we bow at our final curtain call.  I kind of like that.

Do you do Magick to get what you want?

To me, Magick is ritual (action-based) intentions rooted in the knowledge of the self and its relation to others and how this union creates the world in which we live.  In this context, I do indeed use Magick to manifest- but from an inside-out process- I do not interfere with the free will of others, nor wish ill will, for we are all a part of the cause and effect that is part of Universal Law from the micro to the macro.  All will fall into place as it should- the time and the how are the only fluid factors.  

You say you are a Tarot artist; do you have decks I can purchase?

I do not have any available yet, but a few decks are in the works- If you wish to speed up the timeline, consider donating to this one-woman show. 

If you would like to purchase a hand-painted monoprint card, you may find them here.  (More will be added over time.)



Do you do readings?

I have in the past, and the future, they will be strictly collective readings, not personal ones. 

I have spent years in the trenches; I am going a different path moving forward (Naturally adhering to my personal Elemental Chart).

I love your style- Where did you get your coat?!

I saved up over a year to buy this man's alternative sweater coat, which I then tailored and sewed to my liking over the years- As with my predominantly all-black wardrobe, it is a symbolic ritual for the color black encompasses all the colors in the spectrum integrated its Alchemical and represents the void of possibility, the womb of creation, protection of the sacred, and the power of presence.  (Plus it is a great coat for stimming!)

So, you're autistic?

I was diagnosed at 36 years and six months with Autism and a few other lovely labels, and there are downsides and upsides- Not within my being, but with how often labels can be gateways to projection and generalizations.  I have many thoughts and reflections on this topic, as it has been an integral part of my life, but this story deserves it's own chapter.  Speaking of:

What is your story?; I'm curious.

It is one for the books. *wink*  For now, you will find the Devil (and the Divinity) in the details of my work. Just follow the white rabbit.

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